[Dei Coni] Pine cones are beautiful, yet thorny. The pine cone philosophy is the truth of life.

Dei Coni or Pine cones often adorn fireplace mantles, fill wicker baskets, and embellish forest floors.

They inspire images and sensations of the outdoors, earthiness, groundedness, and natural tranquility.  Life can similarly be comfortable, charming, and centered. We have times that are delightful, pleasant, and exquisitely simple. We thoroughly enjoy these phases.
Despite the inherent beauty in pine cones, they can also prick tender fingers that try to pick them up. They have sharp edges that must be handled with care; life is no different. Grief, loss, sadness, anger…they occur in each life. We have things go wrong, people who leave, and hopes that are dashed. We are disappointed, knocked down, and left confused. These are the times that bite, the times that pierce ourselves and potentially anyone else who tries to pick us up. It is during these phases that we must handle our lives with care by finding assistance, guidance, and respite. Therapy offers such aid, reassurance, and soothing.
Despite this pain, pine cones hold a secret, for within each thorny cone are hundreds of seeds.  Pine cones wait to disperse seeds until conditions are right for them to travel as far as possible.  The same can be said of life. When our trials come to a close, when we regain our spirit, and when the winds of change have passed, we can release our own seeds. We sow compassion, love, and kindness. We live with joy unabashed. We watch as our hundreds of seeds grow into mighty trees that are unshaken, steady, and firm against tribulations. We feel once again beautiful, tranquil, and grounded.
-Written by Kathy Korell-Rach, Ph.D.